LinkedIn Made Simple by Ryan Rhoten

LinkedIn Made Simple

An online course to help you go from feeling clueless to conquering LinkedIn so you can capture profile views, prospects, and leads faster then you think. 

LinkedIn Can Be Confusing

  • It's the place to put my resume right?

  • What's the point of updating my profile?

  • Should I post content to LinkedIn?

  • What's the point? I don't get it.

  • Isn't LinkedIn for recruiters and job seekers?

  • I connected with someone, now what?

LinkedIn is Not a Place to Post Your Resume

Do you remember how you felt after you created your LinkedIn profile? My guess is you probably said to yourself, “OK. Now what?” 

Linkedin is still viewed by many as Facebook for business people. It’s a place to post your resume, and to connect with current and past colleagues. Outside of that, people are left wondering, 
“what’s the point?”

I understand this sentiment, however, having spent the last few years working with LinkedIn experts, and writing profiles for companies and individuals, I have seen the results of a good LinkedIn strategy. The key is to use it as a networking platform to connect, engage, and build relationships.

When used correctly, you’ll be able to create a predictable pipeline of leads and prospects. I believe everyone should know how to leverage the benefits of the LinkedIn platform, which is why I created LinkedIn Made Simple.

Introducing LinkedIn Made Simple

The most comprehensive course you'll find on LinkedIn. With over 50 videos (and counting) you'll go from clueless to conquering the platform in less time than you think. 

What You'll Learn

1 - Define Audience

Define your ideal customer persona, so you’ll know how and where to reach them.

2 - Develop Message

Use a proven story-based framework to create a message that will attract and resonate.

3 - Craft Pitch

Develop a pitch that draws potential clients in and compels them to act.

4 - Upgrade Profile

Translate your story to your profile so it is customer-facing.

5 - Company Page

Set up your company page. BTW – company pages aren’t just for businesses.

6 - Search Prospects

We cover LinkedIn basic and advanced searches and take a look at Sales Navigator.

7 - Send Messages

Complete messaging funnel frameworks to start conversations with prospects.

8 - Post Content

Attract your audience with targeted content that hits the mark every time. 

9 - Leverage Channels

Leverage LinkedIn’s various channels with your content so you reach more people.
This course took me from having no clue how to use LinkedIn to build my brand and generate leads to having a daily action plan for doing just that. Well worth the investment.
Pete Rakozy

What's included?

Course Details

Introduction & Welcome!
3 mins
Cover for Your LinkedIn Playbook.pdf
54.1 KB
Privacy Settings: How to Videos
Your Profile Visibility
2 mins
Your Email Visibility
3 mins
How Others See Your Profile and Network
4 mins
How Others See Your Acitivty
4 mins
How LinkedIn Uses Your Data
4 mins
How LinkedIn Uses Your Data part 2
4 mins
Job Seeker Settings
3 mins
How to Block and Hide People
3 mins
1 - Identify Persona
Craft Your Perfect Customer Persona
10 mins
1a - Customer Persona Worksheet.pdf
148 KB
2 - Craft Story
Create a Story and Pitch That Resonates
12 mins
Messaging Worksheet.pdf
230 KB
Elevator Pitch Worksheet.pdf
1.95 MB
3 - Your Profile
Create a customer-facing profile
18 mins
Profile Worksheet.pdf
2.32 MB
Profile: How to Videos
Your Banner or Background Image
1 min
Your Profile URL
2 mins
Your Profile Picture
1 min
Your Name
1 min
Your Headline
2 mins
Contact & Personal Information
3 mins
3 mins
5 mins
Business Information
2 mins
Education Section
3 mins
Volunteer Experiences
2 mins
Skills & Endorsements
4 mins
Licenses & Certifications
2 mins
3 mins
3 mins
2 mins
3 mins
4 - Company and Showcase Pages
Create a Company Page
11 mins
Company Page Worksheet.pdf
1.39 MB
Company Pages: How to Videos
Getting Started
1 min
Select Your Company Type
1 min
Setup Your Page
2 mins
Your Company Logo
2 mins
Update Your Company Banner
1 min
Company Page Overview
2 mins
Update Your Company Header
2 mins
Update Your Company About Section
4 mins
Company Admin Tools
1 min
Your Company Page Menu
4 mins
Showcases Pages
3 mins
5 - Searching on LinkedIn
Find Your Audience
13 mins
Search Worksheet.pdf
1.9 MB
Search: How to Videos
Types of Searches
2 mins
Find People
5 mins
Find Jobs
4 mins
Find Content
3 mins
Find Companies, School, and Groups
3 mins
Advanced Searching using Boolean
5 mins
Search: Sales Navigator
Sales Navigator Overview
4 mins
Sales Navigator Filters
6 mins
Sales Navigator Tags
6 mins
Sales Navigator Searches
5 mins
6 - The Messaging Funnel
How to use Messaging to build rapport
10 mins
Messaging Funnel Worksheet.pdf
340 KB
7 - Content and Posting
What and where to post on LinkedIn
16 mins
Content Worksheet.pdf
207 KB
The LinkedIn App
Schedule events from the app
2 mins
Don't just send a boring message!
3 mins


The support videos are worth 3x what I paid! Excellent course if you are wanting to up your LinkedIn game. I am totally clueless on the platform as I have never used it before, but the hidden things I'm learning will bring results in a way I never thought possible. If you need to understand LinkedIn better, this is the course for you!!!!
Fabiana Beatriz Loverde de Huffaker
I had no clue how to go about harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Ryan's course sorted that out! Clear instruction and outstanding step-by-step guidance mean that I'm now looking forward to conquering LinkedIn, rather than feeling confused and unsure. Ryan is amazing and a master in his field. This is the only course I've ever done where I feel like 'what? I got all that for only that price?!'
Monica Sood